Welding Technology

Technical Programs

In our program, which is the locomotive of the Vocational School, we have been training qualified welding technicians who need theoretical knowledge and application skills of the related industrial sectors since the first day of university education. We have trained our students, with over 50 years experience of Gedik Holding, to master the fundamental metallurgy and materials issues with all kinds of knowledge and skills in the field of welding technology. We educate our profession not only in practice but also in terms of knowledge. Today, some of our graduates work in the industry while others work in the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering departments through vertical transfer.

Our students who graduate from our program can also participate in the “International Welding Technician” or “International Welding Inspector” trainings, which are organized by GEV as the responsible member of IIW (International Welding Institute) located in Paris, They may also have a second degree with international validity. At the same time, they are able to continue their education with a 75% discount on the engineering faculty of our university through the vertical transfer examination. 


Gedik University Gedik Vocational School Resource Technology Program; Gedik Holding Foundation, which has all kinds of possibilities in the field of welding technologies, aims to meet the needs of the intermediate staff required by the industry by closely following the innovations in welding technology with the experiences of the Gedik Education Foundation.


Gedik University Gedik Vocational School Students studying in the Welding Technology Program aims not only to have basic knowledge of metallurgy and materials as well as having knowledge and skills in the field of welding technology but also to educate the profession in a fully conceptual way .

Purpose of the program

Quality and economical manufacturing require professional knowledge. In almost all areas where metals are processed, welded joints of building elements are used. As a rule, the expectations of the quality of the welded joints are high. Weld seam should generally provide the properties of the main material, and these expectations should be provided without affecting the economics of welded manufacture. This affordability and required weld quality is only possible if the planning, application and control of a welded manufacturing is done by a technician from start to finish. For this reason, our Welding Technology program aims to raise intermediate staff who can carry out technical operations on metal-containing materials and provide inspections of the operations carried out.

Who Can Apply This Program?

Students who want to study in the welding program should have high level of mechanics and eye-hand coordination skills related to physical subjects.

After Graduation

Graduates can work as a technician in iron, steel, aluminum, casting factories of the public or private sector, machinery, aviation, automotive, construction, ship industry.

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