Campuses & Transportation

    Kartal Campus

    Bus Service : Selçuk Eraydın AİH Station
    METRO Kadıköy-Tavşantepe Metro (M4) : Kartal Station
    MINIBUS : Selçuk Eraydın AİH Station - Gebze-Harem Minibus

    Cumhuriyet Mahallesi İlkbahar Sokak No: 1-3-5 Yakacık 34876 Kartal İstanbul
    Tel: 444 5 438
    Fax: +90 (216) 452 87 17
    Rector Fax: +90 (216) 309 22 16

    Pendik Campus

    Bus Service : Gedik Üniversitesi Station

    Sülüntepe Mahallesi Yunus Emre Caddesi No: 1/1 Şeyhli 34913 Pendik İstanbul
    Tel: +90 (216) 595 21 85
    Fax: +90 (216) 595 21 55

    Çamlık Campus

    Bus Service : Gedik Üniversitesi Spor Bilimleri Fakültesi Station
    MINIBUS :Gedik Üniversitesi Spor Bilimleri Fakültesi Station - Pendik-Aydos Minibus

    Çamlık Mahallesi Nazende Sokak No: 2 Çamlık Spor Tesisleri Karşısı Kurtköy İstanbul
    Tel: +90 (216) 646 42 12 – 4013 – 4014
    Fax: +90 (216) 646 42 14

    Nişantaşı Campus

    Bus Service : Teşvikiye Station
    METRO Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro (M2) : Osmanbey Station

    Teşvikiye Mahallesi Hüsrev Gerede Caddesi No: 110 34365 Şişli İstanbul

    New Campus Area

    Bus Service : Şeyhli İÖO Station

    Ankara Caddesi No: 280 34906 Pendik İstanbul

    Istanbul Transit Cards


    The Istanbulkart is a form of electronic ticketing used instead of cash on the public transport system in the Istanbul Greater Municipality. It can be used on buses, the metro, funiculars, trams, and ferries.

    Visit the website of the İETT

    Standard Fare Transit Cards

    The Anonim Kart: These cards can be purchased with from any of the counters around the city. The price is 10 TL (subject to change). They can be used on all modes of transportation. They can be loaded at authorized İETT loading points, and at authorized private loading points.

    The Discount Student Istanbulkart

    A discount card is available to students, including international students, Erasmus+, Exchange and Mevlana program students. To qualify for the discount Istanbul card, you must prove that you are a full-time student registered at a university. This can only be done by submitting a Student Certificate along with other documents to the İETT main office.

    The Student Certificate is available after the online course registration completed for the semester.

    Application for the Discount Student Istanbulkart


    1. You will need to request your student Certificate from the Registrar's Office. YÖKSIS number will be stated in the document. You can request your YÖKSİS number one week after receiving your residence permit card.

    (What is a YÖKSIS number? YÖK, the Council of Higher Education, the branch of the central government is responsible for universities. YÖK assigns each student a unique number, called a YÖKSIS number.)

    2. Collect the following: Student Certificate, Original passport, One photograph, 15TL

    3. Go to the İETT Main Office in Karaköy or the Kartal Office. You may read on other websites that students may apply to other places in the city, but we recommend Karaköy because it is the main office and the Kartal Office because it’s close to the campus. You can also check out the other locations on the webpage:

    4. The İETT official will look up your YÖKSİS number on the IETT system, and accept the other documents and payment.

    5. Your discount card will be issued.


    Because the online application site is entirely in Turkish and the system itself has some serious quirks, we do not recommend this, nor can we help you with this. You can try it if you like: İETT Online Application for the Istanbulkart.

    Covid-19 Pandemic Note

    Due to pandemic precautions it is obligatory to match Istanbulkarts to personal HES code using the form on this page. Check here to know more about HES code.

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