Today’s advanced technological approach mechatronics; The integration of machine, electrical, electronic, control systems technology and computer software in an integrated manner is, in short, the intersection of advanced technologies.

Mechatronics covers a wide range from serial production lines to white goods, from home technology to advanced medical devices, from computer controlled looms to robots, automotive to aircraft and rail systems. In addition, robots and automatic machines that can perceive, reason, make decisions, and act in the direction of this decision have become the indispensable basic tools of the contemporary world.

Parallel to the rapid development in this field, the need for this field-growing element in our country is increasing.

Our Mechatronics Program, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, complete workshops, labs and devices; Employs mechatronics technicians to work in this area using electrical, electronic, mechanical, robotic systems, hydraulic-pneumatic, servo systems, PLC control circuits, control system components and software techniques.

Education-training is carried out mainly with business oriented and application with its expert academic staff.

Our main goal is to increase the success of our associates, to work and to be successful in the workplace.

International Research University With Applied Studies