To provide effective education to students throughout the world. To educate fully equipped graduates who can meet the highest level of competitiveness, individual-professional and ethical standards at work life. To be a pioneering research and development university that integrates industry and service experience with education and continuously assesses its quality at international standards.


The vision of our university; Being an innovative, distinguishing, value-producing, perfectionist global university that educates individuals who can shape the future with its distinguished teaching staff, we also have our vision as an electrical division. We, as an electrical department, are able to provide entrepreneurial, innovative, discerning, successful, confident students with an experienced teaching staff and to offer them a beautiful future.


To provide effective training based on practice.

Presentation of the acquired information in the direction of trainings given.

To support students who graduated from our two-year program to be able to pass the DGS exam for four years.

To discuss with the companies involved in electricity generation and distribution, to organize trips to these companies, and to ensure that students will delve into this place.

 Having made project works on renewable energy and communicating with the companies working on this field.

To be able to use the university-industry cooperation effectively and to create areas where they can develop internships for our students.

To educate conscious students respectful to themselves and their environment


The aim of this program is to educate skilled technical staff and managerial candidates who can work in the international field and who can have good professional knowledge and practice in practice in the development of the country, especially industry, public and private organizations.

Purpose of the program

The aim of this program is to educate skilled technical staff and managerial candidates who can work in the international field and who can have good professional knowledge and practice in practice in the development of the country, especially industry, public and private organizations.

With the necessity of establishing a strong relationship between the school and industry in order to enable the student to better prepare himself for his business life, he has to train qualified technical staff by providing the students with the skills of observation and decision making, problem definition, experiment and experience, plans were. The title of the graduates who have graduated from the program is the title of “Electrical Technician”.

Electricity and Energy sector; It is growing rapidly as it has been in the past, in countries that produce energy externally dependent, developing and rapidly populating countries. For this reason, the energy problem is constantly on the agenda, due to the limited availability of energy resources around the world. Our energy sector; Conditions, needs, economic and international relations. Electricity is of the utmost importance, especially as the industry is easy to use, portable and has entered many areas of human life. The increasing use of electricity by the increase of industrialization, revealed the power of human power educated about electricity. The Electricity Program is thought to be closing this gap by educating the technicians of the sector and the electric technicians following the market.

There is a growing need for well-trained intermediate staff to serve in the fields of electricity generation, control, distribution, measurement and maintenance of used electrical machines in our country. The electrical and electronics sector is an important key that closely influences other industries due to its economic and technological characteristics. For this reason, the electrical and electronics sector is one of the largest and leading industries because of the number of workers it employs in the world production volume, the effect of the industry on all fields and more than 10% of world industrial production. A third of the electrical machinery and electronics industry products are intermediate products that are reprocessed or used by the industry, The rest is also directed towards direct use.

The fact that the Turkish Electric-Electronic Industry is constantly evolving and renewing itself, adapting to world technologies and showing new technology in its adoption, indicates the bright future of the industry. From this point of view, it is also possible for our country to take place in the international markets, where the electrical and electronics industry is the pioneer in both export-oriented products as well as the technologies developed for all areas of the industry.

In addition, the construction and operation of all types of electrical installations and machinery, the design of electrical components and units manufactured in the related production areas and the drawing of installation projects are increasing day by day.

Who Can Apply This Program?

Those who want to be an electrician; They should have general ability on normal, who are interested in science, particularly mathematics and physics, who are successful, careful, cautious and patient, have developed a sense of responsibility, can work under difficult conditions, can make quick and correct decisions and love to work together.

After Graduation

Students who graduated from this program; Kamuda can work with various agencies such as the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, especially with Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, State Hydraulic Works, Machinery and Chemical Institute, General Directorate of Rural Services. In addition to the technical service departments of private sector companies, there are various technical departments in various factories such as maintenance manufacturing and production departments, energy distribution companies, energy generation transmission companies, renewable energy sector, research and development companies, They can work in positions. In addition, they can open a private workplace if they want to do their jobs professionally.

It is observed that the industrial and service sectors of our graduates will be able to find employment in many private enterprises as our country is developing as an industrial country and it is locally located in the Pendik province of our school and the Gebze organize industry and Tuzla organize industrial areas around this region. In the service sector of the company which produces the world famous ABB electrical supplies located in the Anatolian side, Kartal and Dudullu districts, in the service sector of the Siemens firm and in the service sector, in the factories of many electric companies such as Schneider Electric and Federal Electricity and in the service sectors, This area will be provided with associate degree education and graduates who will be awarded in this area when it is considered that there will be employment in the drawing of the projects and installation parts, LV and MV panel manufacturing companies, renewable energy sector and new power plants, companies and structures technical service departments, The potential of job-finding potential.

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