Equivalency for Undergraduates

What is the Equivalence Certificate?

It is the certificate which certifies that the education you have taken is equivalent to the education in Turkey. Without the certificate of equivalence you cannot study at a university in Turkey.

How to obtain the Equivalence Certificate?

  • 1-Select the application option which suits you best:
  • a) If you are still in your country you can check office of Educational Attaché in your country from ABDIGM apply for the equivalence certificate while you are in your country.
  • b) If your country is not on the list or you are already in Turkey you need to apply for the equivalence certificate in Turkey.

  • 2-Prepare the required documents:
  • Before application for the certificate of the equivalence Original of your diploma and transcripts of all years should be ready. Please bear in mind that your documents have to be original.

  • 3-The equivalence certificate application in Turkey
  • Students may apply online to get the equivalence certificate at e-Denklik also you can get all of the detailed information at the same web page. You will get an appointment at the end of online application.

  • 4-Bring the original documents to the Provincial Directorate of National Education:
  • After they evaluate your application for the equivalence certificate, either they will issue the equivalence certificate or they will not be able to issue it. If they issue the certificate, you should bring the equivalence certificate to the Student Affairs to complete your registration. If you cannot get this document you will most probably get deregistered.

  • Important:
  • • Do not forget that the application process for the certificate of the equivalence may take some time.
  • • The students who did not submit their valid residence permit at the time of the application will most probably get the temporary certificate of the equivalence. If they bring the residence permit, their permanent certificate of equivalence will be issued.

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