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  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Research university providing applied education
  • Top class academic staff
  • Links with more than 100 universities around the world.
  • High technology laboratory infrastructure
  • Close cooperation with industry
  • International mobility, internships, summer schools and study abroad opportunities
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What is a Conditional Acceptance Letter?
A Conditional Acceptance Letter states that you are conditionally accepted by the university. After completing your deposit payment, you receive the Official Acceptance Letter.Your application will be returned within 48 hours. After approval, the conditional acceptance letter will be sent to your email as proof of your application being conditionally accepted.PLEASE NOTE: There is a quota limit for every department, as per the regulations stipulated by the Council of Higher Education. Therefore, to secure the quota, we kindly ask you to make a deposit payment.
What are the eligibility criteria?
Eligibility criteria may evaluated with accordance to the average score on your High School Diploma.
Do you accept applications for fall and spring semester?
Bachelors’Degree applications are only accepted for fall semester.Associates’ Degree applications are only accepted for fall semester.Graduates’Degree applications are at the beginning of the fall and spring semester.
When is the deadline for application?
Please refer to the academic calendar: https://www.gedik.edu.tr/en/wp-content/uploads/akademik-takvim-2020-2021-en.pdf
Where can I apply?
You can submit your documents and apply online through: https://www.gedik.edu.tr/uluslararasi/basvuru-formlari/lisans-on-lisans-basvuru-formu NOTE: During the registration period, please present the original hard copies of your documents to Student Affairs.
Where can I register online?
You can find detail informations throgh:https://international.gedik.edu.tr/online-registration
Where can I see tuition fees?
You can look through:https://international.gedik.edu.tr/online-registration/about-tuition-fee
What documents do I need to apply?
Undergraduate & Associate & Graduate Students COMPULSORY DOCUMENTS: Copy of high school diploma, Copy of high school transcript of records/required scores (either in English or Turkish), Copy of passport, Motivational letter in English (Only compulsory for Medicine applications)RECOMMENDED DOCUMENTS: Foreign language exam result (if any)
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