With the mission of "University and industry cooperation", Istanbul Gedik University is moving forward with the goal of becoming one of the world universities that create value on the way of development through science and technology.

Gedik University aims to create an environment that provides opportunities for international understanding, integration and international interaction, while creating its strategic plan with the principle of contributing to education, research, business and social life for Turkish and international students and adding quality enrichment to student experiences.

Istanbul Gedik University has strategically determined basic research, target and priority study areas. Our internationalization goals have been determined as supporting international students, researchers, international collaborations, international projects, completing studies on creating an international curriculum for international accreditation, recognition and equivalence, and improving foreign language education on the basis of increasing international visibility.

As a way of fostering internationalisation at home, IGUN actively works on developing new partnerships by having memorandum of understandings with distinctive institutions. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties that establishes a partnership. IGUN has active MOUs with universities and institutions around the world. Each MOU serves some specific purposes - visiting scholar & student exchanges, resource sharing, joint research etc. - depending on the needs of the scholar or entity initiating the agreement.

If you are interested in establishing an agreement, please contact the International Office at to assist with the process. Keep in mind that MOUs should not be used solely to establish goodwill between institutions; they should serve specific purposes.

Here you can see the MoU partners of Istanbul Gedik University


The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme established in 1987 offering higher education students and staff a possibility of studying, doing an internship or teaching abroad for certain periods. Erasmus+ now offers the possibility to go way beyond the European borders as well.

In accordance with the internationalization policy, our University has taken a big and important step towards internationalization with Turkey's inclusion in the Bologna Process in 2001. Our university tries to play an active role in student and staff mobility with programme countries and partner countries within the framework of Erasmus+ programme which definetely has a positive effect on internationalization of the higher education institution.

Istanbul Gedik University continues to establish connections to develop a geographically balanced cooperation with the institutions that share its innovative vision to become one of the globally competitive universities in the academic field.

You can find a list of our partner institutions below:

Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreements

Erasmus Charter for For Higher Education (ECHE)

Erasmus Policy Statement

For further information on please visit our Erasmus+ web page:

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