Underwater Technology

Technical Programs

Underwater Technology is a two year associate degree program. The program offers to you for 2 years of training. In the first year, free diving, life saving and instrumental diving training are being given and our students are able to practice in the tourism diving area with the help of the diver title in various diving schools at the end of the first year.

In the second year of their training, students are given resources and cutting training in underwater industry. Our education has been accredited by the International Welding Institute (IIW). In this way, we prepare our graduates for the work environment where they can work all over the world. At the same time in their second year students are taught lessons such as sunken salvage, underwater search and rescue, underwater film and photography, underwater robotic systems (ROV), professional yacht captainship and non-destructive inspection (NDT). At the end of these two years Our graduates have two very valuable certificates, such as “First Class Diver Diploma” and “Pressure Chamber Operator”, which universities can not provide any undergraduate programs in Turkey except for the Underwater Technology Program and Naval Forces.

At the end of the second year, our students will be doing industrial diving internships and will have titles that have a great deal of job opportunities, such as first class industrial divers and professional yacht captains. The students studying in this department are preferred by the companies without graduating yet. The students who graduate from the school can work in the underwater industry as well as the diver in the tourism field.

Our mission

The content of our Diploma program is designed to ensure that students receive a qualified modern education in accordance with the requirements of the global competitive environment and the high quality standards required by the formal education system and that they are capable of problem solving, thinking fast, adapting to the conditions in which they are, making on- To give graduates specializing in all areas of education and to have graduates who are more active and researching individuals.

our vision

The need of our country In the field of underwater technologies;

Pioneers on the field in Turkey by training first class diver in defense industry, underwater bridge and tunnel constructions, pipelines and communication systems laying, diving tourism, underwater search and rescue work, human and unmanned underwater vehicles and talents and equipment that can be included in scientific researches Being the primary goal of our program.

Who is the professional underwater man (the diver), what are the work areas

A professional underwater man (Diver) is a person who dives for commercial purposes in seas, lakes and rivers.

The works that can be carried out by the commercial divers:

Undersea constructions, foundation construction, restoration of floating ships without landing, cleaning under the ship, surveying works, welding and cutting, underwater search and rescue works, installation and inspection of submarine pipes and communication lines, maintenance and repair of sea discharge lines, drilling and debris removal, to research ground drilling in deep water, underwater investigations, development of diving projects, underwater photography and video shootings, ship rescue, Maintenance of all kinds of underwater structures, maintenance of aquarium, maintenance of fish farms, operation of pressure chambers, environmental control tests at sea, buoy maintenance-repair, construction and maintenance of oil platforms, construction and maintenance of gas platforms, seismic research, removal of fish nets from the sea, establishment and management of diving organizations, diving training, consulting and expertise

Working areas of commercial divers:

Domestic and overseas dive sites, marine companies, underwater construction companies (tube passage, pipeline etc.), oil companies, underwater consulting and projecting companies, port constructions, shipyards, underwater excavation archaeological teams and scientific organizations, private diving and rescue companies, public institutions.

What are the required documents and competencies from those who would prefer this program?

Students who would prefer this program should get at least 150 points from TYT score type, detailed health report, to know swimming.

What does a First-Class Diver do?

Underwater constructions

Basic Installation

Restoration of floating ships without landing

Cleaning under water and pipelines

Survey studies

Welding and cutting

Underwater search and rescue work

Installation and inspection of submarine pipes and cables

Maintenance and repair of sea discharge lines

Drilling and debris removal

To research ground drilling in deep water

Underwater surveys

Developing diving projects

Underwater video and photo capture

Ship recovery

Maintenance and repair of all underwater structures

Aquarium care

Diving supervision in fish farms

Pressure chamber operation

Environmental control facilities at sea

Buoy maintenance repair and construction

Oil platform construction and maintenance

Gas platform construction and maintenance

Seismic research

Sewerage works

Removing fish nets from the sea

Setting up and managing diving organizations

Diving training, consulting and expert.

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