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The creativity that can solve the problems that interest the graphic design of the program in a short time is to train the designers in the upper level. Students studying in the program attend education and training in order to gain practical experience in all kinds of issues related to visual communication design. Students who have general culture in the direction of education, both theoretical and practical, and who will learn to use their personal abilities at the top level will gain the knowledge and skills to evaluate themselves. Students who are “designer” candidates will have all the basic qualities of computer equipment. The main design programs are Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, In Design.

Our graduate students can have job opportunities in many different professions with their “designer” identities. These sectors have a wide range of magazines such as magazines, newspapers, television channels, publishing houses, printing houses, advertising agencies, photo agencies, graphic design teachers, graphic departments of all kinds of corporate companies


The main aim of this program is to educate qualified intermediate staff and managerial candidates who are fluent in foreign languages and who dominate the language of visual communication to work in the communication sector, especially the advertising sector and the mass media.


The goal of the Graphic Design program is; To catch up with the language of communication, to educate the designers.Purpose of the program.


Who Can Apply This Program? 

Students who want to study in the graphic design program should think analytically, follow the current, use the language well, researcher, who knows the difference between seeing and seeing, who uses technology, who has an esthetic vision, who understands human psychology,

After Graduation

Students graduated from Graphic Design program; They can work in the fields of newspapers, magazines, television, radio and other media sectors, web-design companies, promotion and public relations units of all companies, graphic designers or graphic designers in business sectors such as printing.

After the transition to graphic design, industrialization and modernization, especially with the discovery of photography, it began to develop. With the emergence of newspapers, advertising and publicity came to the forefront and it became clear that there was a market for graphic design. Graphic design, which is in relationship with many other disciplines such as architecture and interior architecture, art direction, communication design, industrial design, marketing relations, web design, typography, motion graphics, information design, interface design, photography and desktop publishing, It is one of the fast growing business fields due to its importance.

In addition, students graduated from the Graphic Design Program Associate Degree Program will be able to complete their education with vertical transfer by 4 years. Among the sections they may refer to are:


Photo and Video


Graphic Arts and Graphic Design

Graphic Arts

Graphic design

Graphic design

Visual Communication Design

Communication Design

Communication and Design.

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