Foreign Trade (English)

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Our foreign trade associate degree program, which education language is English, has a curriculum that includes compulsory and elective courses of 120 ECTS in total for four semesters. Our students who successfully complete the compulsory summer internship 20 working days together with these related courses ,graduate with the title of foreign trade profession.

In line with the importance of the foreign trade sector in GDP today, our graduates have a wide variety of job opportunities both in private and in public sectors. In addition, since foreign trade graduates are given the right to become a customs broker assistant by taking the exam without completing a related undergraduate program, our curriculum has been prepared for the customs counselling exam held by the Ministry of Commerce with the compulsory and elective courses it contains. If they wish, our graduates who wish to continue their academic life can take the Higher Education Exam (DGS) and switch to the relevant bachelor’s departments.


The purpose of the Foreign Trade program is to train graduates who have knowledge in fields such as import, export, customs, foreign exchange and logistics, and can meet the expectations of the sector.

After graduation

Graduates of foreign trade program can work in import and / or export companies, logistics companies, foreign trade departments of companies, foreign exchange and foreign transactions of banks, and customs consultancy.

However, if they take the relevant exams and succeed, they can become assistant customs broker, and open their own offices as customs broker by completing the license. Those who are successful in KPSS can be employed as public personnel in other public institutions, especially in the relevant units of the Ministry of Trade.

Our graduates can transfer to related undergraduate departments by being successful in DGS.

Departments where foreign trade graduates can switch:

European Union Relations


Banking and Finance

Banking and Insurance

Labor Economics and Industrial Relations


Economics and Finance

Business Administration

Business Information Management

Business Informatics

Business Management

Business Administration-Economics


Logistics and Transportation

Logistics Management

Capital Markets and Portfolio Management

Capital Market

Political science and international relations

Technology and Information Management

Transportation and Logistics

International Finance

International Finance and Banking

International Relations

International Business Administration

International Business Administration and Trade

International Logistics and Transportation

International Logistics Management

International Trade

International Trade and Finance

International Trade and Business Management

International Trade and Logistics

International Trade and Logistics Management

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