As the socio-cultural and socio-economic level of mankind who eats 3 to 5 meals to maintain their lives, their palate tastes and expectations increase.

The proliferation of individuals working in families has led people to eat outside the house. In this period when young people dream of opening cafes or restaurants, cookery can only be done by studying in this field. As a country’s most important cultural indicator, culinary culture is not just about cooking good food. As an area that needs to be developed and managed, the need for qualified personnel that can compete internationally, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, is increasing day by day.

Purpose and objective of cookery program; has the necessary professional knowledge and skills in the field of food and beverage culture with a deep-rooted tradition, which can combine innovative culinary trends of the day, productive, dynamic, open to developments, from the most basic to the most advanced level of food and beverage culture and business terminology to reflect all the subtleties of cooking techniques The aim of the course is to train qualified professionals, executive chefs who can be employed in every branch of the food and beverage sector.

International Research University With Applied Studies