Banking and Insurance

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Istanbul Gedik University Banking and Insurance Program started education in 2011-2012 academic year. The training language of the program is Turkish. Students who complete 120 ECTS compulsory and elective courses for 4 semesters and completed their internships covering 30 business days are graduated.

The first year of the Banking and Insurance program is designed to introduce students to the basic financial and economic concepts, and to provide them with complementary information that will benefit them in business life. In the second year, it is devoted to the specialization courses of our students. The course focuses on banking in fall and banking in spring.


As the Banking and Insurance program of the Istanbul Gedik University, we aim to educate students who have the knowledge of economics at the level to follow the innovations in the banking sector, who are capable of working in the brokerage firms and banks, and can use information tools effectively.

After Graduation

The graduates of banking and insurance departments can work in foreign financial institutions as well as domestic insurance companies, insurance agency agents, banks, factoring and leasing companies and intermediary institutions, as well as foreign language learners. They can also work in the accounting, cash management, reporting and budgeting units of national and international companies’ finance departments.

Students who want to continue their education can prepare for the DGS exam and pass to many departments within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the universities  and complete their education with a bachelor’s degree.

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