Visual Communication Design

Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture

The Visual Communication Design Department is a four-year undergraduate program established in 2012, affiliated with Istanbul Gedik University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Each year, our department has a Verbal Point type, a department quota of 30 people; It accepts 5 candidates as 100% Scholarship and 25 as 50% Scholarship.

The purpose of our department is to introduce its students in national and international public institutions, in the sector; Media and TV, Advertising-graphic design, digital design and media, animation and character design, web design, Desktop Publishing and Typography, Game environment and design, Generative Art, Multimedia design, virtual reality, algorithms and artificial intelligence, interactive media design etc. is to train as art manager and professional designer candidates who can work as a designer in organizations with a business area, and take responsibility for visual communication and digital design in local government and non-governmental organizations.

Our sub-goal is to develop our students’ personal design abilities, critical and analytical skills and visual languages, to actively participate in the world through student exchange programs and to encourage them with education-application-design and project. The department aims to develop the sense of social responsibility, awareness and empathy for student designers who will work in digital design, art and visual communication and advertising, media-TV.

A constructive-creative and contemporary education approach is applied with experienced academicians and professional designer-artist training staff who have proven themselves in the sector. The department adopts an innovative and pioneering style as a principle by revising its education according to contemporary criteria and prestigious educational institutions providing similar education abroad.

Our students select project topics by examining and researching undergraduate education, new communication technologies, interactive media design, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, game environment, new design principles, technologies for new-media and computer games such as interdisciplinary design, and practical application results of the sector and business area. complementing it with.

In addition, it offers the students of the department vertical and horizontal transfer opportunities and foreign student exchange programs (Erasmus etc.). Taking education with the possibilities of new technology is to tend to bring together technological competence and creativity. Currently, in the iMac and PC laboratories, in the Photo-Video Classroom, in the 2D Animation Drawing Laboratory; We continue our education with Wacom tablets and wireless keyboard-mauses with HD resolution and projected audiovisual systems.

Department graduates; Computer game design and animation companies, advertisement – web design, corporate identity design companies, press and public relations companies, visual design units of public institutions, design departments of Local Administrations, Books, Magazines and Publishing, Media and printing organizations, Cinema-TV and They can take part in the Domestic Series Industry and work professionally. Art director, visual art director, advertising and product photographer, illustrator, Digital and graphic designer, Print business designer, Corporate communication and brand manager, communication expert and manager, corporate identity designer, 2-3 Dimensional animation designer, Character Designer, Video – they can be short film directors, digital communication experts and directors. With sound technologies, they can work in organizations that produce sound in terms of sound design and sound design accompanying the image.

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