The fundamental objective of the Department of Architecture is to contribute to the planning and project design of living spaces and areas which satisfy every need of human beings. The aim of this department is to educate architects who will design projects of various buildings starting from a house or social service building to urban scale settlement and construct these projects. Our department with qualified and experienced academic staff, continues instructing visioner architects having critical, analytical and scientific thinking skills, able  to use new technological possibilities and equipped with theoretical and experimental information for our country.

Our Vision:

Being an innovative, distinct, productive and perfectionist global university with its distinguished academic staff.that educates individuals who can shape the future.

Our Mission:

To provide our students effective and qualified education that is valid all around the world.

To educate competitiveness graduates highly equipped to meet individual professional and ethical standards of vocation.

To provide the oppurtunity of interdisciplinary education, coupled with a distinguished curriculum coherent with international standarts, for different student groups; and to provide an oppurtunity for architects and designers of the future to gain the qualifications of the professional architects who are innovative, creative, having critical thinking abilities, responsible for environment, well-informed about new technologies and cooperative with various disciplines.

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