Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Istanbul Gedik University in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” in the world with the opening of the Chapter and Turkey increasingly professionalized field of gastronomy in our country needed national and qualified operating in the international arena, following new innovations, will be able to grow equipped and dynamic students.

Today, gastronomy and culinary arts is a branch of aesthetic culture rather than purely a profession. Along with the dining and drinking organization, Alan has turned into a pleasant and beautiful time-of-experience experience, beyond the delightful experience of taste. These moments are thought to be designed and experience will contribute to Turkey and our university.

Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design Department is a four-year undergraduate program established in 2012, affiliated with Istanbul Gedik University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Each year, our department has a Verbal Point type, a department quota of 30 people; It accepts 5 candidates as 100% Scholarship and 25 as 50% Scholarship.

The purpose of our department is to introduce its students in national and international public institutions, in the sector; Media and TV, Advertising-graphic design, digital design and media, animation and character design, web design, Desktop Publishing and Typography, Game environment and design, Generative Art, Multimedia design, virtual reality, algorithms and artificial intelligence, interactive media design etc. is to train as art manager and professional designer candidates who can work as a designer in organizations with a business area, and take responsibility for visual communication and digital design in local government and non-governmental organizations. 

Interıor Archıtecture and Envıronmental Desıgn Department

Istanbul Gedik University, Fine Arts and Architecture Faculty, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Undergraduate program’s main goal is to train designers who consider functional, structural and aesthetic criteria; care about user needs; can create unique, environment friendly and economic solutions in the process of arranging the spaces and space environments.

The students who will prefer our department should have the ability of thinking three dimensionally, seeing shape and space relations, distinguishing colors and envisioning power.

Our faculty was established in 2011 and in the 2012-2013 academic year, our department has begun training. The period of study in our program is 4 years and students are accepted with Undergraduate Placement Exam’s score of TM-1 (Turkish and Mathematics -1).

Our educational team consists of experienced academicians and professional designers that have proven themselves in the sector who have completed their academic studies in the fields of interior architecture and architecture. Our department with its extensive training program provides training in technological classrooms and studios. Moreover, our graduates can take part in design offices, construction sites, building material production and sales offices, renovation works, furniture and store designs. In addition, our graduates are able to attend academic programs by continuing their graduate programs in Turkey and abroad.


The fundamental objective of the Department of Architecture is to contribute to the planning and project design of living spaces and areas which satisfy every need of human beings. The aim of this department is to educate architects who will design projects of various buildings starting from a house or social service building to urban scale settlement and construct these projects. Our department with qualified and experienced academic staff, continues instructing visioner architects having critical, analytical and scientific thinking skills, able  to use new technological possibilities and equipped with theoretical and experimental information for our country.

Social Media

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