Occupational Health and Safety (Evening Education)

Occupational Health and Safety is the whole of the scientific and systematic work that must be carried out and continuously developed so that the employee, production and workplace can be healthier and productive.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to continue to progress with reliable and solid steps in raising new occupational health and safety professionals who will provide their students with superior knowledge and virtues and provide a healthy and safe working environment for future generations.

Our Vision

To ensure that the students who participate in the program will open their horizons and change their view of the profession and that they will love and succeed in their work from the beginning of their education.

Our Mission

“Istanbul Gedik University Application OSGB”, which is to be established, is to increase the contributions of our students to the high level knowledge learned in the program, real life and  business life.

According to International Labour Organization (ILO) publication, there are 2.8 billion workers in the World, 270 million workers have work-related accidents and 160 million workers are caught occupational diseases while working. Each year 2.2 million workers lose their lives because of work-related accidents or occupational diseases.

According to 2008 data of the Social Security Administration 1,170,248 corporation operated and 8,802,989 workers were employed in Turkey. 72,963 work accidents, 539 cases of occupational diseases have occurred at work and 866 of these were fatal. The number of working days lost as a result of accidents and occupational diseases were 1,865,115 in 2008.

To avoid these losses, it has great importance improvement of working conditions, enhance of occupational health and safety awareness in the community, creating a lifelong learning and education culture about safety.

In our country, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals offer their services as occupational physicians and safety experts. The schools where these two groups graduate from are medical schools, engineering faculties, technical education faculties, physics and chemistry programs of arts and science faculties and Occupational Health and Safety Programs of vocational schools.

Graduates of the program can be employed as “Occupational Health and Safety Technician”  in all of the institutions, organizations and businesses, commercial centers, buildings, college campuses, shopping centers, community centers, fire stations, civil defense and emergency organizations.

In this context, it is intended to

The creation of a safe and healthy environment

Dissipation of danger at its source

Production of high quality service by giving full attention of workers

Maximize the business’ profit by minimizing the legal, conscience and financial responsibilities

As a result of theoretical and practical training, students can;

Ensure the safety of the workplace, dominate management of OHS records and monitoring

Implement emergency disaster procedures

Do risk analysis, planning and budgeting

Manage environmental planning

Have language skills that the job needs

The areas named Kartal, Pendik and Tuzla in Anatolian side of İstanbul, have a great advantage of being an industrial location contribute to the national economy.

According to the code numbered 6331 (Code of Occupational Health and Safety), organizations have to employ OHS experts so this program is required.

To graduate from the program, students have to take courses that are being provided in four semester and do an internship lasts 20 workdays.

Scholarship rates: 50%, %75 and 100%

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