Medical Imaging Techniques (Evening Education)

Within the 21st century, all branches of science and professional disciplines have undergone very radical changes and developments. Undoubtedly, the developments in other areas reflected positive effects on the health sector. Diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment methods for medical occupational diseases are exploited by methods and devices produced by engineering technologies. Today, in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, medical imaging devices and technicians have become the most important helpers of physicians.

In accordance with the regulation on the definition of duties and powers for health workers; Medical Imaging Technicians,

Applies radiation safety precautions for patients and workers.

Prepare the medical imaging device and the environment for radiographic examination.

It controls the calibration of the devices and informs them about the maintenance and repair in time.

Prepare and inform the patient before the radiographic examination.

Imaging of magnetic resonance and angiography with direct or radiopaque radiography, computed tomography and bone mineral densitometry shots.

The film records electronic records of bathing / printing operations and images.

Preservation and disposal of radioactive wastes.

Performs radionuclide imaging and fluoroscopy with expert guidance.

Injection of radiopaque material in the presence of a physician.

Mission and Vision

Istanbul Gedik University Vocational High School Medical Imaging Techniques Program’s mission and vision; In accordance with the principles of international medical ethics, physicians and authorities in health institutions will be able to actively take part in the execution of public health services by obtaining the images and information to assist them in diagnosis, treatment and assistance in a complete, timely and understandable manner and not only in Turkey, Is to train honest technicians who have foreign language, technical knowledge and equipments that can serve humanity in case of need.

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