Child Development

Istanbul Gedik University Gedik Vocational School Child Development Program is a 2-year education program. Ası Istanbul Gedik University Gedik Vocational School Vocational High School Diploma en is given to the graduates of the Child Development Program.

Our mission; In accordance with changing science, technology, education and health requirements, support the development and education of children and adolescents with healthy and special needs of 0-18 years of age. to educate the child developmentists who will meet the need of the element.

Our vision; To be a department that educates the children, who are creative, safe, who know the social values, who can provide care and education services, and who are primarily preferred in the field of national and international health and education.


Know the importance of healthy development and education of children and young people who will guide the future of the country,

Use advanced theoretical and practical knowledge / skills in the field of child development and education in the areas of care and education,

Being aware of their professional responsibilities and depending on ethical values,

Follow the scientific researches in the field of child development, care, health and education, and the technologies and policies that direct education.

To be able to identify problems in child development and education and to support solution production,

Open minded, conscious, creative, critical and critical thinking skills, Being able to improve himself / herself in the profession by adopting life-long learning,

Communicate effectively in written and oral Being sensitive to social events and taking individual responsibility,

To be able to take an adequate and effective role within the education and health team,

To develop child developmentists who are respectful to differences and human rights.


Students who graduated from our program;

Special education and rehabilitation centers, private nurseries and kindergartens, as administrator, teacher and teacher assistant. As a master instructor in kindergarten and elementary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. In Mother Child Health Centers, Inpatient Care Institutions and Social Services Child Protection Institutions, as a foster mother. As a designer in Children’s Publications and Toys sectors. In the Prime Ministry Family Research Institution, the Administration for Disabled People, in the State Planning Organization, in the Social Services and Child Protection Agency, in kindergartens, Family Counseling Centers and orphanages. Ministry of Health, Mother Child Health and Family Planning Centers and hospitals. Children’s hospitals and hospital schools, the Ministry of Justice in juvenile courts and educational homes. Preparing and conducting children and youth programs and training programs on radio and television. In children’s theaters and children’s films. Children’s books, magazines, newspapers, such as the preparation of publications in child development can work in studies.


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