Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Istanbul Gedik University Industrial Engineering Department aims to be a department that designs and implements education systems that equip qualified Industrial Engineers with the knowledge and skills that will provide employment to them.

The aim of the department is to train Industrial Engineers who have advanced analytical thinking skills, have the ability of questioning, team player, career oriented, equipped with the needs of working life, entrepreneur and preferred in all sectors.

With a course plan that provides innovative, necessary competencies in line with the current and future market conditions, the students have unique opportunities to specialize in fields such as Economic and Financial Systems, Operations Research, Statistics, Quality, Supply Chain Engineering and General Industrial Engineering.

In addition to the scholarships to which the students are supported, the sectoral activities realized within the body of Istanbul Gedik University accelerate the development of students. Industrial Engineering Club  and Industry 4.0 Club conduct activities such as workplace visits, congresses, sector days and industrial projects.

With the ERASMUS program, which allows students to exchange with European Union universities, students are also given the opportunity to study abroad.

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