Computer Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

In parallel with the software and hardware applications that we see in everywhere in our lives such as s-State, e-banking, e-trade, e-health, e-agriculture, e-education, smart factories, smart houses, and smart vehicles, the importance and scope of Computer Engineering gradually increase day-by-day.

Besides the basic subjects such as software technologies, hardware technologies, basic electronic infrastructure, computer architecture, database, programming, image processing, computer networks, and web technologies used in further developing the existing applications and making them more useful and reliable, also the theoretical and practical education including the actual fields such as information security, artificial intelligence, industrial automation systems, embedded systems, cryptology, mobile systems, cloud information, big data is offered.

By means of this education, the main objective is to educate researcher engineers, who are capable of following the recent technologies and developments in relevant field and, when necessary, developing what he/she has learned, and having the occupational ethics and human values for creating new products and solutions.

Besides the theoretical and practical information about the computer topics, it is our department’s responsibility to carry out product and project development studies together with industry, public, and R&D institutions in the fields, which our country and society need, within the scope of industry-university cooperation. In these studies, working in cooperation with the Electric-Electronic, Mechatronic, and Industry Engineering Departments, it is aimed to carry our projects that have significant interdisciplinary effect and scope.

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