Psychology is both a science and a profession. As a discipline, psychology tries to understand behaviors and cognitive processes, how people behave, how they develop, how they feel, and how they think. As a profession, it helps individuals to solve their problems and improve their quality of life.

There are various sub-branches of psychology in a wide range including theoretical and practical. Sub-branches such as experimental psychology, neuro-psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, personality psychology accomplishes scientific researches and shed light on applied sub-branches. The subfields such as developmental psychology (childhood, adolescence, adulthood), clinical psychology, industrial psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, education-school psychology, traffic psychology are predominantly one-to-one relationship with people as well as scientific research and they work to support individuals.

The aim of our Psychology Department is to provide students with the current qualifications and skills of both professional and scientific psychology.

For this reason, our students are encouraged to think about the issues of psychology, to think analytically and critically, to acquire a multidisciplinary point of view and to develop the necessary scientific skills in order to conduct scientific research. On the other hand, they are guided to applied studies and they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and methods necessary to become successful psychologists in their professional lives.

In the first years of this education, our program includes the basic subjects of psychology and prepares the scientific infrastructure, as the classes progress, the number of departmental elective courses increase. Thus, if the students find the sub-branches close to them, they can choose the sub-branch’s courses mainly and concentrate their knowledge and skills in that direction.

Our alumni can lead to academic studies or may also master a master’s degree in applied sub-branches in case of their ambitions.

Employment opportunities in large and diverse business areas such as public relations and human resources departments, public and private mental health institutions, public and private hospitals, community health or other health institutions, special psychological counseling centers, various institutions of national education, kindergartens and nurseries, rehabilitation centers, various mediums depending on the Ministry of Justice, various business environments such as companies and factories are provided.

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