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Psychology is both a science and a profession. As a discipline, psychology tries to understand behaviors and cognitive processes, how people behave, how they develop, how they feel, and how they think. As a profession, it helps individuals to solve their problems and improve their quality of life.

There are various sub-branches of psychology in a wide range including theoretical and practical. Sub-branches such as experimental psychology, neuro-psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, personality psychology accomplishes scientific researches and shed light on applied sub-branches. The subfields such as developmental psychology (childhood, adolescence, adulthood), clinical psychology, industrial psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, education-school psychology, traffic psychology are predominantly one-to-one relationship with people as well as scientific research and they work to support individuals.

In the first years of this education, our program includes the basic subjects of psychology and prepares the scientific infrastructure, as the classes progress, the number of departmental elective courses increase. Thus, if the students find the sub-branches close to them, they can choose the sub-branch’s courses mainly and concentrate their knowledge and skills in that direction.

Political Science and International Relations (English)

While our lifes crumple with the greed of states on one hand, science and technological development direct our memory of humanity to the different way on the other. The last point we have reached is artificial intelligent. Here we no longer have to think about international relations between these two forces. These two forces are opposite to each other and both support one another is also featured in constantly changing.
Today, states, state-funded organizations, companies and  especially civil society organizations in the discipline of international relations,as they consider this fact and it will be successful to the extent that they exhibit appropriate behavior.
The Societies never fight with nature, capable of producing democratic values, depends on the rule of law and respectful on all the live rights will hope can minimize war data in the future from human memory. Here our department work for our students make them equip with these principles.

International Trade and Finance (English)

International Trade and Finance is an interdisciplinary field of study. The subject of International Trade and Finance; different as economic foundations, transactions and applications, documents used, financing, etc. regarding import and export made by companies located in different countries or multinational companies; however, it consists of complementary areas.  Our department was established in order to educate potential management candidates who have contributed to the creation of international competitive strategy the sectors located in the Turkey  economy.It also aims to train qualified professional staffs that increase the competitiveness of public and private sector organizations in the international arena in line with economic policy objectives.

In the process of globalization, international finance issues have gained great importance in an environment where economic integrations are intensified and competition conditions are intensified. Developments in the  Turkey and world  are increasing the demand for human resource with international skills and contemporary knowledge. In this context, students are offered courses on the basic topics of Business and Economics disciplines, International Trade and Finance, International Relations, Law, Entrepreneurship and the international dimensions of these fields.


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