Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Faculty of Health Sciences

Istanbul Gedik University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department was established on 07.03.2018 within the Faculty of Health Sciences and started its educational activities in 2018-2019 academic year.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a science that is effective in the treatment of movement disorders caused by many diseases, disability and inadequacy, in to give new functions to the body, in recovery of lost functions, in the development of independence level in daily life, in the elimination of pain in the musculoskeletal system and in the improvement of quality of life.

Physiotherapist is a health professional who plans and implements protective physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for healthy individuals within the scope of health protection and promotion, and who determines the physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs of patients diagnosed by physicians by using occupational measurement and evaluation methods and in this direction plans and implements the physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs of patients. In order to become a physiotherapist, a 4-year undergraduate program that provides training for this profession must be successfully completed. Physical therapists who graduate from physiotherapy and rehabilitation department as health professionals work autonomously with an interdisciplinary understanding in open and equal professional relationships with other health professionals.

Physiotherapists’ working areas are increasing day by day. Among these, orthopedic problems, neurological diseases, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, rheumatologic diseases, pediatric diseases, sports injuries, hand injuries and problems after surgery, obstetric and urogenynecological conditions, health problems after brain surgery, plastic surgery and general surgery, newborn, early labor, continuing care and reanimation, home care, intensive care, pain treatment and preventive rehabilitation are among the priorities.

At the end of the 8th semester, after completing the courses that correspond to 240 ECTS, our students graduate as qualified to decide on physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications and practise these applications in public and private hospitals, outpatient clinics, community clinics, sports institutions and sports clubs, health centers, sports centers, fitness centers, public health centers, schools and special schools, special education and rehabilitation centers, private medical centers, care and education centers for children and elderly, rehabilitation centers for mental, visual and auditory disabilities, municipalities, ministries and centers for patients or people with disabilities and they take the title of “physiotherapist”. Besides the clinical studies, students who have graduated from physiotherapy and rehabilitation department can proceed their career academically by continuing their master’s and doctoral studies.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is defined as a branch of science that includes techniques that measure and evaluate the physical functions of body systems and physiotherapy and rehabilitation approaches and interventions that improve quality of life and functional capacity. For this reason, physiotherapy and rehabilitation curriculum has been prepared by taking into consideration the importance of multidisciplinary study and wise, ethical, humanist and professional approaches within the framework of knowledge, skills and competencies in comprehensive application of the evaluation and measurement methods, organizing the results obtained from these methods, implementing physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, evidence-based practices in rehabilitation and community based rehabilitation.

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