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Nutrition and Dietetics

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is among the multidisciplinary sciences and is considered as an art in practice. Nutrition, which is considered as science and art, plays a key role in the development of the health of the individual society. Health is considered to be an individual’s complete well-being. Healthy individuals can create healthy societies. The most important environmental factor affecting health is nutrition.  Nutrition is important in preventing individual and social health problems such as excessive food consumption(obesity), malnutrition (protein, energy and vitamin deficiencies) . It is carried out by dietitians in the management and control of the individual’s life-long nutrition.

Dietetics is a profession that is becoming more and more well known and offers a wide range of job opportunities for graduates. Health services count as the main study areas for dietitians. Offers clinical and outpatient services especially in post and pre operated  treatment institutions, disease-specific units (obesity, diabetes, oncology, cardiology, etc.). Dietitians in health organizations are called medical nutrition experts. With the deepening of the scientific infrastructure of nutrition, professional specialization areas have developed as in other professions. The most well known areas are sports nutrition and nutrition in diabetes mellitus. Other business opportunities include education and menu supervision/management (primary and pre-primary schools, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants), promotion and marketing of various food and nutritional supplements, and individual nutrition and counselling center services.

Child Devolopment

The Department of Child Development trains Child Development Specialists who are able to assess all developmental areas (mental, linguistic, motor, social and emotional development and self-care skills) of children who are normally developing or gifted, disabled, vulnerable, working, refugee, delinquent and hospitalized children between 0-18 years of age, prepare developmental education programs based on this assessment, and provide services to parents, educators, and the community. Child development specialists are a member of professional group that provide important contributions to the creation of an entrepreneurial and innovative society with healthy, inquiring, critical, inquisitive, moral and cultural values in the physical and psychological aspects of these services for children, educators and families.

Our current curriculum is structured in such a way as to give our students the competencies to determine the development stages of children, to monitor developments, to prepare appropriate programs according to development stages, to prepare appropriate learning environment according to developmental needs, to give the families, individuals and institutions providing services in child development field.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a science that is effective in the treatment of movement disorders caused by many diseases, disability and inadequacy, in to give new functions to the body, in recovery of lost functions, in the development of independence level in daily life, in the elimination of pain in the musculoskeletal system and in the improvement of quality of life.

Physiotherapist is a health professional who plans and implements protective physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for healthy individuals within the scope of health protection and promotion, and who determines the physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs of patients diagnosed by physicians by using occupational measurement and evaluation methods and in this direction plans and implements the physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs of patients. In order to become a physiotherapist, a 4-year undergraduate program that provides training for this profession must be successfully completed. Physical therapists who graduate from physiotherapy and rehabilitation department as health professionals work autonomously with an interdisciplinary understanding in open and equal professional relationships with other health professionals.


Nursing is one of the leading departments of the health sector. According to the description of the Turkish Nurses ‘ Association (THD) Education Commission in 1981, “nursing is a health discipline consisting of Science and art that is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating nursing services for the purpose of protecting the health and well-being of the individual, family and society, and for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of the In addition to the roles of nurses such as nursing care, participation in the treatment plan, they also have roles such as consulting, research, management, quality improvement, cooperation and communication.

The aim of the Department of Nursing is to educate nurses who work primarily for the purpose of protecting and improving the health of individuals and society, who can plan nursing care in the light of evidence-based practices in case of illness, apply, evaluate, critically think, combine academic knowledge and research elements.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety department was established in 2017. The Department of Occupational Health and Safety aims to raise job security specialists who are well-qualified and well-educated, who are lacking in the basic objective society. It is aimed to provide our students with a complete and up-to-date training in the fields of health, engineering, education, law and statistics. For this purpose, it is aimed to organize practices and to transfer the education given to life.

Graduates of Occupational Health and Safety Program may carry out service and training functions in academic institutions, public and private sector, and NGOs in departments related to occupational health and safety, particularly in central and local organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Ministry and the Ministry of Health.

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